Glenmuick Church, Ballater

The Stained Glass Windows

The Rev William Middleton, MAThe Rev William Middleton, MA Window

The window nearest to the chancel was erected in memory of the Rev William Middleton, MA, Chaplain of the Church of Scotland in Karachi, India, who died in Hyderabad, Scinde, on 26th November 1871; his wife, Jessie Middleton, who died in Aberdeen on 20th November 1899; and their only daughter, Alice Mary, for some years secretary of the Overseas Nursing Association, who died in London on 30th October 1920.

One of the panels represents Christ blessing little children, and the other Christ carrying lambs.

The window was the gift of their son and brother, Dr William Robert Colvin Middleton, MA, MD, DPH, for 27 years medical officer of health in Singapore, who had a hospital erected and called by his name in appreciation of his public services.  He died at Bexhill on 8th December 1921, aged 58 years.Charles Walker Window

The Rev William Middleton was a brother of the Rev John Middleton, minister of Glenmuick Church from 1849 until 1884.

Mr Charles Walker

This window was presented by his widow in memory of Mr Charles Walker, an elder and fabric convenor of the Church who died in 1953. 

Mr Walker was a guard on the Deeside Line and Secretary of the St Nathalan’s Lodge (Ballater) of the Freemasons.

The design, which was the work of the Messrs Kemp and Chiltern of Edinburgh, represents the boy Jesus in the carpenter’s shop.

Lady Margaret MiddletonLady Margaret Middleton Window

This window was given in 1986 by Sir George Middleton in memory of his wife, who died in 1964.  Sir George was Medical Practitioner in Ballater and Surgeon Apothecary to the Royal Household for over 40 years.  The window was unveiled by HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
The left hand window represents St Margaret of Antioch, patron saint of women in childbirth.  She was swallowed by a dragon, but was so good and kind that the dragon was sick, so she is represented conquering the dragon with the Christian cross.

Wearing a crown, she is a composite figure representing also St Margaret, Queen of Scotland.  She is surrounded by flowers.  The selenium cross at the base of the window with hands presenting the cross to Margaret is a symbol of people thanking her for her Christian work for the people of Scotland.  The dove with a heart at the top of the window is a symbol of peace and charity.

The right hand window represents St Luke, the Doctor Saint.  He is holding a book for his learning and a quill pen for his writings.  He is surrounded by poppies and foxgloves used in early medical treatment for heart problems and Iris, which was his mother’s name.  The winged calf at the base of the window is shown with the hands offering to the people his service to them, his Christian and medical work.

At the top of the window is a caduceus, the traditional medical symbol of a snake curled round a staff.

Above the two parts of the window, the apex shows the insignia of the Victorian Order of which Sir George was a Knight Commander.

The window was designed and made by Sax and Christian Shaw of Edinburgh.

Michael SheridanMichael Sheridan Window

Due to the generous legacy of Mr. Michael Sheridan, Master Butcher, Royal Warrant Holder and benefactor to our community in so many ways, we now have a splendid addition to our stained glass windows.

The window was designed by Howard Butterworth and constructed by Jennifer-Jane Bayliss of Fintray. Those who knew him, will recognise Mike’s vintage delivery van crossing the bridge, depicted in the window!!

The window was dedicated on Easter Sunday 2009 by the Reverend Tony Watts, in the presence of H.R.H The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay and members of the Sheridan family.

The inscription on the plaque reads: